Mistletoe: In Dialogue

I’m not sure if this works as a dialogue only kind of story. But I wanted to give it a go. I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season, and Merry Christmas to one and all.

Donald Conrad

Mistletoe: In Dialogue


“Come on in Joshua.”

“Hey Derek, it looks like you guys like the gift. Merry Christmas.”

“Yes, Anne loves it. We’ve never seen mistletoe that big before.”

“They grow much larger than that; they can really bush out. I brought some seeds back with me from my Asian trip.”

“Usually, when you see it in the stores it’s just a lifeless, flat, lame little twig with a few leaves.”

“Did you know that Mistletoe is a hemi-parasitic plant?”

“No Joshua, I didn’t. But I do know that you have an unhealthy appetite for trivia.”

“It is usually delivered to a host tree in bird droppings where it can burrow under bark for nutrients and water.”

“In fact, you single-handedly brought to an end the traditional Trivial Pursuit challenge we held at every Christmas party going back ten years or more.”

“That wasn’t my doing. Everyone decided they didn’t want to play anymore.”

“Everyone decided they didn’t want to play with YOU anymore.”

“You’re being kind of mean Derek. I got crap like this from Kathy before the divorce; I don’t need it from you.”


“Joshua, glad you could make it. Come on in. We have food and drinks in the kitchen.”

“Thanks Anne. Coming over for your Christmas party is a neighborhood tradition I look forward to.”

“Yes, and thank God it’s a small neighborhood. Have you heard from Kathy lately? I mean, you two are still talking, right?”

“thought you weren’t going to tell anyone about Kathy and Lisa, Derek.”

“I didn’t.”

“aw hell. Kathy met someone else, Anne.”

“Is it serious?”

“Kind of. They’re planning a wedding in June.”

“Wow. That’s quick. Well, you remember Beth right?”

“From high school; you told me about her.”

“When I phoned her back to tell her tonight was a go, she told me that she had a thing for you in school.”

“Really? I never knew.”

“I guess that happens a lot—more than we know. Billy Carpenter told me last year that he had a thing for me back then.”

“The quarterback Carpenter? All star jock?”

“That’s him. He sells used cars down at Big Jim’s Car Emporium.”

“Jeez, I thought…”

“I know, I think we all did. He’s racked up three kids and two divorces.”

“Wow. Just when you think you’ve got it bad…”

“That’s why I told you Joshua. Now chin up and remember: Beth had the hots for you in high school and neither of you have changed much since then.”

“Thanks Anne. You’re a real friend.”

“unlike me?”

“you’re a good friend too Derek.”

“Joshua, come make yourself a drink before Beth gets here.”

“Go ahead Joshua, I’ve got to light the Duraflame and get the door when the doorbell rings.”


“Hi, come on in. You must be Beth. Anne and Joshua are in the kitchen.”

“This was easy to find.”

“Good, good. Let me take your coat. ANNE, BETH’S HERE.”

“HEYYYY, BETH. YOU LOOK GREAT. Joshua, you remember Beth?”

“Yes, hi Beth. Hey, mistletoe. May I?”

“Mmmm hmmm.”

“You look great.”

“So do you Joshua.”

“Joshua, Beth, why don’t you two go catch up on old times in the living room. Derek’s lit the fireplace. Can I get you something to drink Beth? I have a nice bottle of Zinfandel open.”

“That sounds great.”

“Derek, is there some way to keep that mistletoe from shedding? I saw one of those berry things drop into Beth’s hair.”

“I snatched a piece from Joshua’s hair earlier. It actually felt like it was stuck there. And is that thing bigger?”


“ANNE. MIKE AND MELISSA ARE HERE. Hey guys, come on in.”

“DEREK, DON’T LET MR. WRINKLES OUT. Oh, Derek, now we have to go get him.”

“Anne, he’s a Shar Pei pup. He can’t go that far.

“Mike and I can help.”

“Thanks Melis. Come on guys; before he gets away.”

“So Anne, did Joshua and that girl show up yet?”

“Uh huh. They’re in the living room. MR. WRINKLES, COME ON MISTER-MISTER.”

“They must be hitting it off, they didn’t even come out.”

“Yeah, I think you’re right. DEREK, HE’S OVER THERE; BEHIND YOU.”

“Got him Anne. Nice job cornering him, Mike.”

“I had the home turf advantage. Let’s get back to your place Derek; I want to see this Beth gal you guys have been jawing about.”

“This guy is still a pup, but he weighs more than he looks.”

“I can see the muscle under the wrinkles. What’s he weigh now?”

“Probably like thirty-five.”

“You’re carrying him like he weighs more. Man up Derek.”

“Here Mike, you carry him a while.”

“Whoa, he does weigh out.”

“I’ll get the door. There you go. Okay, put him down.”

“Hey Derek, what’s up with the girls?”

“Anne? ‘Something the matter? Anne?”

“I…I… The couch.”

“Where did all that come from? It looks like two people.”

“Derek, I think it is. That’s Joshua and Beth.”

“Is that the mistletoe?”


“Jeez Anne, it looks like they were kissing when it took over. They’re completely covered.”

“Would you think I was weird if I said it was kind of romantic?”

“Anne, what are you saying?”

“Derek, would you kiss me under the mistletoe?”


4 thoughts on “Mistletoe: In Dialogue

  1. Mear Conrad

    Your use of “dialogue” to tell your story was excellent. It was very easy for me to follow, and this was your first time to attempt this technique of writing…KUDOS 🙂
    As far as the content of your story, I found the ending weak. I was waiting for something to happen and ended up disappointed. I know you could come up with a better ending.

  2. Louise Dragon

    I like this. The mistletoe takeover was well described in the dialog, and even tho I saw it coming, it’s an interesting concept that I haven’t seen done before. Nice dialog! Great theme and concept!

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